BTS: Jelita Photoshoot

7 Mar

Hi girls! It has been a crazy roller coaster week! It has been nearly 8 months since TudungPeople was launched officially. Alhamdulillah! TudungPeople was so lucky to be featured in Jelita Hijab Style this April! It’s only a column but I can’t help but being super happy about it ;D

Blame darling Izni, the talented Jelita writer that turned me into a happy corny bunny! It’s also my first time coming to set as a Hijab stylist.

It took me an hour to find Berita Publishin. The endless jams are to die for >.<. I was wearing a floral dress from Banner Barret with jeans and cardigan hoping to look cute and trendy but I ended up looking bloated and fatty. Too late to regret thattt. Skip the picture below.

That is Izni and the bloat (read: me) during the shoot interval in the make up room. 

Once entered, I did not take much time to play dress up with the uber skinny model. She rocks any look and absolutely makes my self-esteem hit rock bottom as well. It was a 4 style shoots and 1 full shot. You can see the model doing her thangs, and you don’t see me strutting, giving instructions and running with a box of pins behind.

I was not allowed to take much photos but I will remember to update again once the magazine is out. It featured Chest Covering Hana Tajima style haha! That really took me a while to re-create the look.

The team behind the shoot. From left to right, the cool photographer, the awesome make up artist Muhielara, the model Annyss, miserable me and lovely writer Izni. The picture is taken by the second photographer. Thank you missy. (See my foolish leg crossing attempt to look skinnier. It could not fool anyone, I didn’t even bother to liquify.)

This was my second time working with a magazine (first was and the very first attempt of working with Jelita. I’m sorry for the lack of photos. Behind the scene images are not opened to public due to its copyright materials. Maybe I can show more bts during my advertorial photoshoot, that if anyone wants to see

A few days after that, Izni called me for a make over shoot! I had to upload the picture due to my love for the make up artist, Cik Non. The real clothes are covered by the cute panda costume just so that Jelita won’t sue me. Love ya all!

ps: I can’t wait to do a video tutorial for this look! It is perasanly splendid. (Read: Perasan is the malay word for self proclaimed)

Till then, Fazrena TudungPeople Crew.


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