First Hopeful Post

22 Feb

Salam People!

TudungPeopleBlog is handled by Fazrena TPC. (That stands for TudungPeople Crew btw!)
I’ve been getting a lot of questions and enquiries regarding TudungPeople products. Therefore, I thought this would be a good time to compile all the answers under one roof 😉 Born TudungPeopleBlog ❤

Here would be a platform for myself to answer the product enquiries as well as doing a product review. A more proper place to display TudungPeople Hijab Inspirations and Guide, Behind The Scenes and many more exciting things! Truthfully, I have not done much blogging before and still have much to learn! So be kind to me and let’s be friends ❤

Lotsa Lurve
Fazrena TPC

PS: TudungPeopleBlog can be contacted at